Monday, 22 June 2020

    As promised, we've been creating ways to keep our PROUD community supported and connected before we see each other again this November.

    We are so excited to share the first episode of our brand new podcast, On the Mic, with you! Hosted by the fabulous James Barr (former PROUD DJ!), this podcast series is all about you — the LGBTQ+ travel community. First up, it's time for some inspiring stories from two black queer voices.

    Have a Listen!

  • Belong | New York | 4 - 6 Nov

    The LGBTQ+ community are fighting for something non-LGBTQ+ travellers have always taken for granted: the ability for an individual to choose where in the world they feel like they really belong. Safely.

    This event brings together leaders from the travel & lifestyle sectors to light the way through education and stories and to do great business together.

    It’s a big beautiful world of longing and belonging and we’re proud to invite you to join us.


    What’s it about

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      Your chance to be one of our specially invited suppliers.
  • Buyers.

    Highly qualified buyers, all focused on helping drive the LGBTQ+ travel sector, attend PROUD Experiences. Surrounded by like-minded people, our travel advisors and planners are sourced from the biggest markets in North America, Northwest Europe and South America. New agents for 2019 included: Brickell Travel (USA), Departure Lounge (USA), Eden For Your World (USA), Grand Luxury Group (France), Il Viaggio (Italy), International Travel Group (Mexico), L'Espace Tours (Brazil) and Valerie Wilson Travel (USA).

    Meet Buyers

  • Open mind sessions.

    PROUD Experiences is so much more than matchmaking. Engaging in a number of educational sessions brings all of the debate about LGBTQ+ travel to the table. Open your mind to the realities of LGBTQ+ tourism with our in-depth programme, exploring everything from attracting the LGBTQ+ customer to safety and security concerns.

    Some of our previous speakers include:


    In his comical yet poignant interview, HRH revealed: "Coming out of the royal closet was certainly an experience; my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner."


    Head of Content at PinkNews, Ellen highlighted some interesting facts: "54% might have come out sooner if brands had shown LGBT+ people like themselves when growing up."


    Officer of the British Army and transgender woman, Hannah emphasised how "there are infinite ways of representing the LGBT community; everyone is ultimately unique."


    Author & Consultant, Jackie shared the power of word of mouth, encouraging brands to: "Generate experiences worth talking about – the great thing is we have social media now."


    2 Dads with Baggage blogger, Jon explained how you should not make assumptions about LGBT+ families: "If you just pay attention, you can probably put two and two together."


    President & CEO of NYC & Company, Fred reminded us all why NYC is the US’s most popular LGBTQ+ destination: "10% of all travellers—that’s over 7 million—were LGBTQ+ in 2019."

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      Your chance to talk to editors reaching the LGBTQ+ customer or gather new stories as a member of the press.

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