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The global LGBTQ+ travel market continues to be one of healthy growth and resilience, providing numerous opportunities to a growing number of brands. Becoming one of our ‘People of PROUD’ brings you together with the international buyers who hold the key to this thriving market. PROUD Experiences is where you can understand the trends and strategies needed in this marketplace to build long term business.

As the organisers behind the scenes, international travel advisors and designers hold the key to this thriving market. Build lasting relationships, develop authentic strategies and expand your business by meeting such buyers face-to-face at PROUD Experiences. It’s time to harness the immense buying power of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Your market

The LGBTQ+ travel market continues to be one of healthy growth and resilience, providing numerous opportunities to a growing number of brands. The numbers speak for themselves.

211 billion USD

Value of global LGBTQ+ market


Additional spend on their travels

4-6 leisure trips

Compared to 1-2 by non-LGBTQ+

Your buyers

With limited places, we only invite the world’s leading advisors. Open-minded and willing to focus on the LGBTQ+ traveller, source markets include North America and Europe whilst products include boutique hotels and gastronomic experiences.

180 buyers

All experts in their fields


With final purchasing power

Your press

As an exhibitor, we create opportunities to help you understand the media landscape and network with attending journalists writing about travel and leisure for the LGBTQ+ customer.

From leading freelancers to iconic publications, these writers genuinely want to hear your stories in order to authentically represent such a resilient market. Whether it is sharing a profound insight into the market or new feature you are offering, your contribution could make a difference if you share it.

If you want to meet travel writers and influencers, please get in touch with Nina Gardiner and Alex Gore at Spotl1ght Communications.

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From boutique hotels to tourist boards, here are a handful of the companies that exhibited at our second edition...

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