• About our series

    In a time when we cannot physically be together, On the Mic is a chance to connect with the LGBTQ+ travel community no matter where you are in the world. Hosted by the fabulous James Barr (@imjamesbarr), PROUD Experiences' podcast is a celebration of differences, sharing the mic with amazing people from across LGBTQ+ communities whilst forging new, inclusive relationships with wonderful travel destinations across the globe.

  • Episode One

    Raquel Willis

    Raquel is a Black transgender activist, writer and media strategist dedicated to elevating the dignity of marginalized people, particularly transgender women of colour.

    Mark Fletcher

    Credited for the continued innovation of Manchester Pride Festival, as CEO, Mark focuses all his energy in to the charity which campaigns for LGBT+ equality.

    James Barr

    Co-host of the award-winning LGBTQ+ podcast A Gay & A NonGay, James is a comedian, TV and radio presenter, columnist and our very own podcast host!

  • Memorable Moments

    • I want people to lean into discomfort; comfort is a privilege, and a lot of people have been feeling discomfort for a long time.

      Author image
      • Raquel Willis
      • Episode One
    • I sometimes struggle with Pride Month. Pride is not for a month. Pride is all year long. Pride is always.

      Author image
      • Mark Fletcher
      • Episode One